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The ever-changing trends in business have left a big footprint on the finance field. Read about finance in the modern world of business in this article

Finance Management and Globalization

Finance is a science which focuses on managing investments. It equips potential investors with relevant knowledge on productive assets and liabilities, together with risks associated with them. Furthermore, the idea of pricing assets regarding the percentage of associated risks and the expected rate of return is borrowed from finance. It is the backbone of decision-making regarding asset management, choosing ideal investment portfolio, sources of funds, and managing expenses to maximize profits. Therefore, the field has to be regularly upgraded to match the ever-changing trends in business. Emerging issues in finance are discussed below.

Information Technology Integrated Finance

The rise in technology has significantly impacted finance as a whole. It has ushered in both benefits and challenges. Android Apps are very common now. They are used to link potential investors to financial institutions very fast. It has reduced cases of queuing and waiting to receive financial services from banks and other financial institutions. Through the use of smartphones or computers, one can easily make inquiries with the banks and request for a soft loan which can be processed instantly depending on financial status. Financial institutions are using technology to compete. Customers can now be served from their comfort zones, and faster compared to when they have to crowd at bank premises. Besides, it is now possible to manage a bank account by the use of smartphones and tablets. There are options to check account balance, make transfers, withdraw and make a deposit.

Also, technology has simplified the ways of collecting financial information and decision making. It is simpler to determine the cost of capital or the value of a given portfolio using computer software. Due to the use of latest accounting software, information provided by experts is more reliable due to the accuracy of machines. On the other hand, robotic process, automation and cloud accounting software have minimized accounting jobs on the. Several employees are laid off each year because the software assumes many roles hence leaving out a few physical tasks. Additionally, cloud accounting has lured many accounts professionals to set up their firms where they embrace flexible work. Such businesses have turned to be a full-time job for owners because they are operating well in the industry.


Finance has featured ideas from different cultures from different parts of the world. The number of companies which operate internationally has grown. It is, therefore, necessary for finance officers to understand different business perspectives and cultures. Apparently, accountants and investment managers who understand international laws and regulations are preferred in many foreign companies with multinational operations.

Current Social Finance

Social Finance is part of new issues on finance. It shows the guidelines on how the cooperatives and charitable organizations should invest in social enterprises for the benefit of the society as a whole. Furthermore, it educates small business owners on how to approach the banks and borrow loans for the expansion of their activities, especially in developing countries. There is also social impact bond tool that connects the government to the public.

Regulatory Changes in Finance

Financial institutions, especially banks, have made the regulations concerning lending more strict due to the ongoing financial crisis. The organizations have opted to divest themselves to fit in the current economic trends, small and medium-sized businesses are ignored when offering loans because they are perceived to be more risk compared to large firms concerning repaying back the loan in full. The cases of failure to repay loans have forced the financial institutions to invest in credit management by hiring professionals to make and implement credit policies. On the other hand, non-financial institutions have also become a major force in offering credit. They primarily target small firms which have been ignored by banks for being poor in paying back the loan.

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Management Skills

The current dynamic business environment needs skilled professionals who can make sound financial decision lest the company is forced out of the industry due to underperformance. Finance is a critical section, and hence any simple mistake can cost the company. Therefore, financial managers who have advanced knowledge and skills should replace non-performing managers for a better future of the organization. Workloads are also continuously growing and thereby need proper preparation for the future. Many big enterprises have automated their work. It requires updated skills to survive in the automated finance field. It is now upon the finance professions to evolve their abilities so that they don’t miss employment opportunities due to the upgrade in technology. In conclusion, technology is the primary cause of the new trends in the sector of finance.

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