Initiatives of Canada Company

Canada Company works to bring together a diverse group of political, defense leader, and business to discuss procedure and policy, and the defense strategy internationally and locally. The company shares and collaborate diverse viewpoints to ensure a strong future for the armed forces of Canada.

Strategic Knowledge Exchange summary I

In April 2015, Blake goldring, the Chairman of Canada Company hosted their first inaugural Strategic Knowledge Exchange event at the National Club in Toronto. The event brought together the 50 top business and military leaders of Canada. The discussion was focused on how the Canadian Armed Forces and Canadian businesses should work with each other to reinforce and create prosperity and economic stability for Canada.

The component of the presentations was representing the business and military perspective. Topics of the presentation includes the future of cyber security, the connection between national security and economic prosperity, the international and domestic contexts for Canadian national security and defense, an overview of global security environment, and Canadian views of the CAF.

The participants present in the event also discussed the issue of military including the details in business collaboration and different aspects of developing future military by business collaboration. They also provide suggestions to fill the gap between the Canadian businesses and the CAF. Few suggestions are following:

  • Building unambiguous and stable channels of communication between CAF and Canadian businesses.
  • Organizing joint meetings at national and local forums.
  • Establishing programs to inspire businesses to employ reservists and veterans.

The event also focused on areas of coinciding responsibility, like management best practices, disaster relief, and procurement.

Strategic Knowledge Exchange summary II

In October 2015, the second event of Strategic Knowledge Exchange II was organized by Canada Company in Downtown Toronto. It was the regular roundtable for business leaders of Canada to enlarge their knowledge about future and contemporary security environments. This event developed a high level knowledge of current and future crucial path to defense and security matters. Topic discussed was:

  • Can the defense procurement strategy power start the economy of Canada?
  • Unlike other industries, can military procurement be the keystone of the new economy of Canada?

The event uniquely assists the progress of the contributors of its senior military leaders, members, and defense specialists to communicate and transfer knowledge of current and appearing issues.

Strategic Knowledge Exchange summary III

In April 2016, the third event was organized by the company owned by Blake goldring. This event was incorporated into the Canadian Armed Forces and the 2016 Defense Policy Review by the Department of National Defense.

It was also a formal roundtable held in Canada for business leaders and members of Canada Company to develop their knowledge about present-day and future security environments. More than 60 Canadian military leaders and business people were participated in the event. The participants in the events include Chief of defense staff, General Jonathan Vance, Deputy Minister of National Defense, John Forster, and President and Chief Executive Officer of the Business Council of Canada, John Manley.

Following are the topics they discussed in the event:

  • Latest innovation and technology
  • Economic benefits of defense
  • Future workforce of defense
  • Defense as a catalyst for the economy

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