Learn to be an efficient Product Manager with our Safe Product Manager/ Product Owner classes

This course would enable you to learn the roles of a Product Manager, Solution Manager, Product Owner and Epic Owner and teaches you how this drives the delivery of the SAFE enterprise. SAFE is a framework about which you would get an overview of. It would help you gain Lean Agile mindset and a proper understanding of how the Product Manager and Owner helps to drive the delivery of the value. With our SAFE product manager/ product owner classes you would receive an in depth knowledge and skills for specific activities, mechanics and tools. By the end of the classes you would be able to write features, user stories and capabilities within the framework of SAFE. You would have a strong foundation for managing programs in Agile enterprise.

Features of attending the classes

There are several features which you would gain after attending our SAFE product manager/ product owner classes. Some of them are stated below:

  • Enables you to identify the important roles and responsibilities for SAFE achievement.’
  • Helps you identify the major components of Agile Framework.
  • Connects the scale agile framework with Lean agile framework.
  • Helps you prepare for the PMPO certification examination so that you can clear the examination in one shot.
  • Helps you to use epics to contribute towards portfolio contents.
  • Enables you to operate as a SAFE product manager / Product owner.
  • It also helps you to engage in Product Owner strategies and tricks.

Agile management certification for advancing your project management skills

Agile management means to manage and deliver high quality works and become a professional in front of the stakeholders. This Agile management certification course would help you to combine flexible and proven process for the success of your agile projects. The certification course helps the candidate in developing solutions and enables project sets to change according to the requirements. The course also urges to increase cooperation and ownership within your organization. This course benefits different individuals as well as for your organization. Some of the benefits are as follows:

Benefits for an Organization

  • This course delivers the organization with a faster change along with lower risks and costs. It helps to constantly remove the milestones those are against your business.
  • With this course the employees of your company would be professionalized which would enable employee professional development schemes.
  • The agile management develops and integrates the company’s particular agile management processes.
  • Quality audit process would improve transparency in project management. This transparency in the business would help to deliver an effective corporate environment.
  • This course helps in better communication and control around the projects.

Benefits for an Individual

  • For a better agile management with changing business environments and requirements, this course would help the employees to learn the skills and apply it for your business success.
  • Agile management certification course would develop an advanced and better level of knowledge about the ability to apply proper project management methods.
  • It clarifies distinctive management styles which are required for successful agile projects.

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